tcp md5 bgp attacks?

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Tue Aug 14 22:05:09 UTC 2018

Just to point out -
Data about md5 attacks from various organizations will depend on a number of factors such as -
Is BGP TTL Security check being done?
Are anti-spoofing ACLs enabled?
uRPF enabled? Strict or Loose?
BGP Session over a separate interface (tunnel)?

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so we started to wonder if, since we started protecting our bgp
sessions with md5 (in the 1990s), are there still folk trying to

we were unable to find bgp mib counters.  there are igp interface
counters, but that was not our immediate interest.  we did find
that md5 failures are logged.

looking at my logs for a few years, i find essentially nothing;
two 'attackers,' one my own ibgp peer, and one that noted evildoer
rob thomas,

we would be interested in data from others.

note that we are neither contemplating nor suggesting removing md5
from [y]our bgp sessions.

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