Multicast traffic % in enterprise network ?

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Wed Aug 8 20:29:19 UTC 2018

I believe multicast is only used for IPTV

Multicast by itself does not reduce much bandwidth : that reduction is
purely based on the network design
If you place unicast nodes near your customers, multicast is effectively
unicast (just think about it) :)

On 08/08/2018 08:49 PM, Mankamana Mishra (mankamis) via NANOG wrote:
> Hi Every one,
> Recently we had good discussion over multicast uses in public internet. From discussion, it was pointed out uses of multicast is more with in enterprise.  Wanted to understand how much % multicast traffic present in network
>   *   If there is any data which can provide what % of traffic is multicast traffic. And if multicast is removed, how much unicast traffic it would add up?
>   *   Since this forum has people from deployment area, I would love to know if there is real deployment problems or its pain to deploy multicast.
> These questions is to work / discussion in IETF to see what is pain points for multicast, and how can we simplify it.
> Thanks
> Mankamana

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