Dedicated Server and IP anycast provider recommendation

Yugandhar Veeramachaneni hello at
Tue Aug 7 14:25:09 UTC 2018

Hello, is a community maintained spreadsheet with details of
providers who offer BGP sessions across the world. I think it will be
useful for you.


On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 9:06 AM Anthony Leto <anthony at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I would checkout NetActuate. They are pretty awesome when it comes to
> Anycast IPv4 /IPv6 and they do custom VM's.
> Anthony Leto
> On 8/7/2018 2:51:59 PM, John Kristoff <jtk at> wrote:
> Friends,
> For those that may have used or know of a service like this. I know
> some exist, but it doesn't seem to be that popular or widely advertised
> as a standard service.
> I'm interested in pointers to a hosting/network provider that leases
> dedicated servers and can provide an anycast IP address assignment to
> two or more US-diversely connected POPs, but with reasonably consistent
> routing (e.g. peering, transit). A customer-shared prefix is OK. I'm
> interested in pointers to networks that would provide the prefix and
> handle all the routing.
> If you represent a network and sales is part of your job, I don't mind
> an off list pointer to a web page describing such a service, but please,
> this is not an invitation for "call me to discuss needs and options"
> replies nor an opportunity to get me on your customer prospect list.
> You likely ensure I never do business with you if you do either of
> those things. :-)
> Thank you,
> John

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