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Jérôme Nicolle jerome at
Mon Aug 6 22:31:03 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

Le 06/08/2018 à 16:48, Daniel Corbe a écrit :
> It doesn't work like that though.   I can't just bitbucket DMCA takedown
> requests because I also provide people with cable TV service.  That
> means I have content contracts and these contracts are all very specific
> about what I need to do to process DMCA takedown requests.   I'm sure
> that they receive reports regularly from the companies they contract to
> do DMCA enforcment.    Or maybe they don't and I have no idea what I'm
> talking about.   But I'm still not going to put my content contracts at
> risk because I think my users would be even more pissed off if their
> cable TV packages were suddenly unavailable to them.

I'm very sorry to read that, as an ISP, you have to comply with a
para-judicial process that puts you in charge of censorship.

I'd like to think that you'd have some margin to let these "copyright
holders" fuck-off when it comes to your mere-pipe services. But I guess
it depends on the jurisdiction you're operating under.

Providing IP services and CATV are two different things that should not
be liable one to another.

If you have any right to give them a finger, please, on behalf of our
community, give it to them. If not, please work harder on denouncing
those indecent contracts.

Best regards,

Jérôme Nicolle
+33 6 19 31 27 14

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