Best practices on logical separation of [email protected] vs [email protected] role inboxes

Daniel Corbe dcorbe at
Sun Aug 5 19:43:36 UTC 2018

On 8/4/2018 01:04:17, "Eric Kuhnke" <eric.kuhnke at> wrote:

>If you were setting up something new from a clean sheet of paper design 
>do you consider it appropriate to have an abuse role inbox that's 
>to actual network abuse issues (security problems, DDoS, IP hijacks,
>misbehavior of downstream customers, etc), and keep that separate from 
>Automated sorting tools *can* pull things which match regexes for
>automatically-generated DMCA notifications out of an inbox and route 
>to the appropriate place.
>However, I'm pondering whether it's better to have an ISP's ARIN IP 
>whois entries state clearly that copyright violation type notices 
>should go
>to a dedicated-purpose dmca at ispname inbox.

The main issue with the notion of keeping [email protected] separate from a 
dedicated DMCA takedown mailbox is companies like IP Echelon will just 
blindly E-mail whatever abuse POC is associated with either the AS 
record or whichever POCs are specifically associated with the NET block.

So it becomes kind of difficult to keep them routing to different 

The guys doing the DMCA takedowns use automated tooling.   So asking 
them nicely isn't going to help you.


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