[Nanog] BGPMon RPKI Validation Failed (Code: 9)

Andree Toonk andree+nanog at toonk.nl
Fri Aug 3 01:28:51 UTC 2018

Hi Michel,

it looks likes you have RPKI validation enabled for this prefix in
This will tell BGPmon to run the RPKI validation checks for the prefix
and alert you if there's no valid ROA found.

This bgpmon alert below is from July 20 which was right around the time
the ROA was created, so I'm guessing the ROA hadn't fully propagated or
rsync'd with our systems yet.

Either way the BGPmon systems considers this prefix as RPKI valid now
and it looks like these alerts have stopped for you:

$ whois -h whois.bgpmon.net

Prefix description:  Created by CCI on behalf of TSI Semiconductors
Country code:        US
Origin AS:           14051
Origin AS Name:      Consolidated Communications, Inc.
*RPKI status:         ROA validation successful*
First seen:          2018-04-24
Last seen:           2018-08-01

Little known but handy feature to get all ROA details from the CLI:

$ whois -h whois.bgpmon.net " --roa 14051"

*0 - Valid*
ROA Details
Origin ASN:       AS14051
Not valid Before: 2018-07-19 04:00:00
Not valid After:  2028-07-19 04:00:00  Expires in
Trust Anchor:     rpki.arin.net

Ping me directly for any follow up questions

 Andree (BGPmon)

My secret spy satellite informs me that Michel Py wrote On 2018-08-02,
1:27 PM:
> Hi Nanog,
> I received recently some of these messages, and I don't understand the logic of them.
> If there is no ROA found, the code should be 1, and the status unknown / not found.
> What is the logic behind getting a Validation failure if there is no ROA ?
> Please help RPKI n00b,
> Thanks.
> ====================================================================
> RPKI Validation Failed (Code: 9)
> ====================================================================
> Your prefix:
> Prefix Description:   TSI Semiconductors
> Update time:          2018-07-20 00:10 (UTC)
> Detected by #peers:   4
> Detected prefix:
> Announced by:         AS14051 (Consolidated Communications, Inc.)
> Upstream AS:          AS2914 (NTT America, Inc.)
> ASpath:               25291 2914 14051
> Alert details:        https://portal.bgpmon.net/alerts.php?details&alert_id=82315862
> Mark as false alert:  https://portal.bgpmon.net/fp.php?aid=82315862
> RPKI Status:          No ROA found
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