possible hawaii weather issue next week

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Thu Aug 2 22:56:39 UTC 2018


If you have stuff in Hawaii, you might want to
start thinking about your DR plan. Things can
change a lot for the better in 7 days, but they
can also get ugly fast. Best to prepare just
in case...


M is >110MPH

--- radevita at mejeticks.com wrote:
From: Robert DeVita <radevita at mejeticks.com>

Especially with the main carrier Hotel being 
located next to the ocean.

I'm guessing you mean DR Fortress.  Most everything 
is next to the ocean here. :)  However, DRF is 
likely pretty well protected from storm surge from 
a hurricane.  It's also pretty well protected from 
flying debris, which is the main worry, especially
when the winds are in excess of 100MPH.  However,
other facilities will have trouble (electric, fuel, 
etc), thus my suggestion to dust off DR plans and 
test if you haven't.  

We're the closest to the Asia Pacific countries you 
can get and still be in a US state and, as well, a 
good timezone between west coast going home and 
Asia coming in, so there  may be a lot of folks here 
for some of the big networks, which is why I sent 
out the note.


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