Confirming source-routed multicast is dead on the public Internet

Jakob Heitz (jheitz) jheitz at
Thu Aug 2 21:52:26 UTC 2018

ok. Play 2 minutes of ads at the start and save a stream.
Play another 2 minutes of ads every 16 minutes, then the maximum number of streams is 4.
The ads can be received in a single stream or be received after the shorter streams have completed.


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> Hey, there's a better way.
> Split the movie into segments:
> Segment 1: Minute 1.
> Segment 2: Minute 2.
> Segment 3: Minutes 3,4.
> Segment 4: Minutes 5-8.
> Segment 5: Minutes 9-16.
> etc.
> Then send each segment in a loop.
> Each receiver receives every loop simultaneously.
> Each segment may start receiving part way through, but then it starts again.
> By the time a segment needs to play, it is completely received.
> A 128 minute movie needs 8 streams.
> While waiting for the first minute, you can play ads :)
> The shorter segments don't need to be sent for long:
> Receivers can stop receiving the short segments once they have received one loop of it.
> When no receiver is receiving a loop, you can stop sending it.

Cute :). Well 8*bitrates, but nice optimisation to make stream count
finite. Of course at cost of quality, as receiver needs up-speed of 8x
at start. Interesting side-effect, quality increases as movie
progresses :)

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