Remote power cycle recommendations

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Mon Apr 30 13:58:32 UTC 2018

Various APC-rackmountable equipment. They come in all sorts of sizes and capacity.

C13/C19, single breaker, dual feed/breaker, 19" rackmount, 0 HE vertical rackmount in the back. They have a web/snmp/telnet interface, separate account management, so very easy to control.
Delayed power-on per outlet options after an outage so you won't peak/blow your main breakers is an important one as well.

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    I’m sure many here are familiar with or using/have used devices to remotely power cycle equipment. I’m considering a Dataprobe iBoot-G2 and am curious if you’ve had experience with it, or other recommendations.
    I only need one outlet to be remotely power cycle-able. I have one piece of equipment that is occasionally a little flaky and, well, you know the hassle.
    What do people recommend? There seem to be plenty out there which are more designed to auto-reboot when Internet connectivity is lost, aka remotely reboot the ‘ol cable modem for instance, but that’s not my scenario.
    Thanks in advance.
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