CPE that support 1G with BGP multihomed

marcel.duregards at yahoo.fr marcel.duregards at yahoo.fr
Tue Sep 26 09:29:21 UTC 2017

Dear Nanoger,

Anyone have an advice on CPE which can support the following features,

1 Gigabits/s ipv4 or ipv6 forwarding IMIX or Internet traffic, full
duplex (not sure if cisco or miercom are conducting bidirectionals
traffic flows at the same time).

with ACLs and with uRPF
with prefix filtering
with bgp ext-communities (rfc 8092 would be a ++, but not mandatory)

with BGP full route, 1 eBGP session + 1 iBGP  (--> multihomed, single
attached solution, so there is 2 CPE connected to 2 bgp transit))

vrf light and
SNMP + telnet/ssh with ACLs

Currently on Cisco side, we see the following candidates:

- ASR 1001-x
- ASR 1002
- ISR 4431, 4451
- ISR G2 2921 + 2951 + 3925(E)  (EoL soon, so we are currently in the
process of evaluating other solution).

But we would like also to include other manufacturer : juniper, mikrotik
, etc....

Thank for your help,


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