2017 NANOG Elections General Information

Dave Temkin dave at temk.in
Thu Sep 7 15:22:29 UTC 2017

While I respect your opinion, it's impossible to enumerate every single
possible combination that would make a person diverse and keep this a
reasonable length email.

Diversity of race and gender (amongst other things) is a shortcut to saying
diversity of background. What we have today are a bunch of North American
males that came up in similar backgrounds.

What I can say, and what does concern me, is that the current board shares
a lot of very similar characteristics that are easy to group together due
to our gender and ethnicity. This leads to groupthink and other less
desirable behaviors by a team tasked with setting a strategic direction
that benefits millions of very different people all over the internet.

And with that, I will state that we have many qualified candidates on the
slate, both who fit the current grouping and those who will bring some
amount of diversity to the group. You are free to vote whomever you choose.

Best Regards,

On Wed, Sep 6, 2017 at 9:18 PM, Robert Brockway <robert at timetraveller.org>

> On Tue, 5 Sep 2017, Dave Temkin wrote:
> Hi NANOG Community,
>> Nominations are rapidly coming to a close - September 8th is the last day
>> to submit nominees.
>> Unfortunately, to follow up on my paragraph about diversity: So far, every
>> single candidate that has completed the nomination process is a white
>> male.
> What you're describing is a very coarse form of diversity based on
> physical characteristics.  A white man who has lived his entire life as a
> peasant in Ukraine may well have a very different outlook and life
> experience to a white man who grew up in Australia.  These two white men
> could bring quite diverse viewpoints to any situation even though they
> share some superficial characteristics.
> I have always supported the most suitable candidates for any role,
> irrespective of their physical characteristics.  I will always continue to
> do so.
> Rob

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