2017 NANOG Elections General Information

Dave Temkin dave at temk.in
Tue Sep 5 17:59:32 UTC 2017

Hi NANOG Community,

Nominations are rapidly coming to a close - September 8th is the last day
to submit nominees.

Unfortunately, to follow up on my paragraph about diversity: So far, every
single candidate that has completed the nomination process is a white male.

Having sat in on sessions such as Women in Technology lunch, I know that
this community is passionate about diversity. If you, or a friend, would
like to discuss what it takes to be on the NANOG board, I or my colleagues
would love to speak about it.

If you're ready to enter the nomination process, you can see details below.

Best Regards,
-Dave Temkin, for the NANOG Board of Directors

On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 2:54 PM, Dave Temkin <dave at temk.in> wrote:

> Hello NANOGers!
> We are once again approaching the annual NANOG election
> <http://nanog.org/elections/2017/general> and appointment time. Board
> candidate nominations open August 7th and the complete Election timeline
> can be found here <http://nanog.org/elections/2017/general>. We encourage
> those in the community who are not currently NANOG members to consider
> becoming members of NANOG and to consider standing for a position in our
> leadership. Through membership and voting, you will be an active
> participant in directing all NANOG activities.
> Only NANOG members are eligible to nominate, be a candidate, vote, and
> serve in the NANOG Board of Directors and Committees.  Click here
> <https://www.nanog.org/membership> to become a member today!  **If you
> are not a member and wish to vote in this election, your membership must
> be received by 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.**
> Why?
> NANOG is at its strongest and best when there is an engaged group of
> members. If you care about NANOG and would like to take a turn at
> volunteering your time, please consider becoming part of the team by taking
> part in the nomination and election process. If you know someone else
> that you believe would be interested in serving on the Board of Directors,
> nominate them by completing the Online Process
> <https://www.bigpulse.com/138028/signin> beginning August 7, 2017.  Any
> questions should be submitted to elections at nanog.org.
> As I spoke about during my opening at NANOG 70, diversity is key to the
> viability of the NANOG community. Personally, it concerns me that our only
> non-white, non-male elected member of the Board is leaving the board this
> year, having served the maximum allowable number of terms. While everyone
> is welcome, it is important that we represent our community well at all
> levels and so if you or someone you know could help improve that
> representation, please consider the nomination process.
> As NANOG continues to evolve, our Board of Directors and Committees will
> continue to play an increasingly important role in our success. By joining
> now, you can be an integral part of the process.
> For more information about the role of a Board of Director or any
> Committee Member, or to find out more about what's involved in serving,
> please consult the current NANOG Bylaws
> <https://nanog.org/sites/default/files/sites/default/files/NANOG-Bylaws-October2016.pdf>
> or follow the links to the Board and Committee pages from the General
> 2017 NANOG Elections Page <https://www.nanog.org/elections/2017/general>.
> Best regards,
> Dave Temkin
> On behalf of the NANOG Board of Directors

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