Ping a Comcast Business DNS Admin?

Aaron C. de Bruyn aaron at
Fri Oct 27 03:17:34 CST 2017

I received replied from several friendly Comcast staff members and it
looks like there will be a resolution shortly.

Thanks, and sorry for the list noise.


On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 3:33 PM, Aaron C. de Bruyn <aaron at> wrote:
> I'm hoping a Comcast engineer can clear something up for me:
> If I recall correctly is used by Comcast Business hosting.
> We have a mutual customer who has their domain NS pointed at
> resolve their domain properly, but as of two weeks ago I no longer
> have the option to edit the customer's zone when signing in to
> Phone reps have said "we don't manage you DNS" or "NetSol is their
> registrar", or even "'re right, there's something wrong, but
> I don't know what's going on".
> On top of all of that, Comcast told this mutual customer to update
> their DNS records because they are being migrated to Office 365.  But
> the customer can't access it to edit it.
> Feel free to contact me off-list for the domain and customer details.
> -A

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