Calgary <-> Toronto 100% Canadian Fibre Resiliency on failover

Mark Andrews marka at
Mon Oct 23 00:02:28 CST 2017

In message <CAL9Qcx5izu6sDBGKUC+Q_MSeZAyhRB4OwxeiamSt1mSUvLSgyA at>, Tom Beecher writes:
> "But if provider 1 has its 1 fibre on the CN line and provider 2 has its
> 1 fibre along CP line (or road), then you can get diversity by getting
> bandwidth from both."
> That's not diversity. That's just a matter of time before the same backhoe
> catches them both. :)

It depends on how the lines "cross" each other.  Two tunnels and you
have physical seperation.  Crossing at the same level then you don't.

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