Google DNS intermittent ServFail for Disney subdomain

Mike Hammett nanog at
Fri Oct 20 13:23:32 CST 2017

I know it doesn't help your problem, but friends don't let friends use public DNS resolvers (Google, L3, Open DNS, etc.). ;-) 

Mike Hammett 
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Hi Nanog, 

I am principal network engineer for sister-studio to Disney Studios. They 
have been struggling with DNS issues since Thursday 12th October. 

By all accounts it appears as though *some* of the Google DNS resolvers 
cannot reach the authoritative nameservers for "". 

This is causing ~20-30% of all DNS requests against Google Public DNS / to fail for requests in this subdomain. 

The name servers reside in 

Might someone be able to *connect me* with someone at Google to assist my 
poor colleagues who are banging their heads against a brick wall here. 

Thank you, 

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