Looking for a contact with clue at Choopa/Reliablesite network engineering

Brian Kantor Brian at ampr.org
Thu Oct 19 08:09:12 CST 2017

The most recent contact I have had with Vultr (parent of Choopa) is
Richard Simpliciano <rsimpliciano at vultr.com>, who a week ago signed
his note as "network administrator".  He was checking with me as to
whether a customer of theirs was authorized to have Vultr announce one
of our prefixes, so he might be the right person to contact.
	- Brian

On 13/10/2017 05:56, Paul S. wrote:
>Hi nanog,
>Choopa/reliablesite is announcing our IP space, and despite repeated
>requests from us, they are refusing to withdraw the announcements.
>Can someone with clue from this contact me? Does anyone know someone at
>Choopa neteng?
>Their abuse desk has so far proved useless.

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