AS36040 Prefix Limits

Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at
Thu Oct 19 06:39:51 CST 2017

Both sides should be filtering advertisements.

The IX may just filter by AS Path which is fairly normal by the originating AS or transiting AS should be filtering the prefixes they advertise as well/

Nathan Brookfield
Chief Executive Officer

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On 19 Oct 2017, at 17:23, Andy Davidson <andy at<mailto:andy at>> wrote:

Hi, Mike

On 18/10/2017, 18:39, Mike Hammett <nanog at<mailto:nanog at>> wrote:

I am looking for someone that can speak authoritatively regarding AS36040's
ability to change their own prefix limits, prefix filtering, etc.
My current contact is advising the IX to do the filtering for them, which
is not something IXes should be doing.

Unless this is in conjunction with a multilateral peering session (“route-server”), when prefix-filtering is something that the IXP very much should be doing.


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