Northern California fires and telecomm outages

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Wed Oct 18 11:42:46 CST 2017

I'd like to think that most independent operators avoided the ILEC at all costs due to them being difficult to work with, but every now and then you get one that loves to be with the ILEC. 

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> trying to address. We notified ATT of our need and only days later, 
> without followup response, it was suggested that we somehow don't have 
> the legal authority to install microwave 

My reaction would have been to call local mayor, mayor in twon where you 
try to setup the microwave base, and then if that fails FEMA and tell 
them that you can restore Internet but AT&T is blocking you. They would 
have the means to give a call to ATT and get them to stop blocking you. 

This is an emergency and AT&T would look very very bad if this were to 
become public. 

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