Calgary <-> Toronto 100% Canadian Fibre Resiliency on failover

Eric Kuhnke eric.kuhnke at
Fri Oct 13 18:50:11 CST 2017

On a somewhat related note, if anyone has KMZs of the railway-based ROWs
from Calgary-Vancouver (Fraser Valley area) and is able to share them,
please contact me off list. I'm hoping to avoid re-inventing the wheel and
time/labor of manually creating vector lines along the known railway
corridors, for a data set that already exists on somebody's desktop...

On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 11:35 AM, Jean-Francois Mezei <
jfmezei_nanog at> wrote:

> Answer from Allstream (aka Zayo)
> A combination: Tor-Ott-Mtl N route is CP & S route is CN. From Tor-Wpg
> its mostly CN on the N route and the S goes thru various US routes.
> So Allstream would get you out west via the more northern CN line from
> Toronto.
> So you would need to find someone who has fibre along the CP line.
> (note: Ottawa to North Bay, the tracks have been removed a couple years
> ago, not sure if there is any fibre left.
> What is interesting is Allstream saying Tor-Ott-Mtl route is on CP. CP's
> transcontinental line from Montreal-Ottawa-Sudbury no longer exists.
> (Rigaud to Ottawa is Trans Canada Trail now).  But CP still has its
> Smoth Falls to Montreal line. (and at the DOrion commuter train station
> (CP tracks) there are "do not dig" signs from Allstream.

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