Calgary <-> Toronto 100% Canadian Fibre Resiliency on failover

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Fri Oct 13 18:35:25 CST 2017

Answer from Allstream (aka Zayo)

A combination: Tor-Ott-Mtl N route is CP & S route is CN. From Tor-Wpg
its mostly CN on the N route and the S goes thru various US routes.

So Allstream would get you out west via the more northern CN line from

So you would need to find someone who has fibre along the CP line.

(note: Ottawa to North Bay, the tracks have been removed a couple years
ago, not sure if there is any fibre left.

What is interesting is Allstream saying Tor-Ott-Mtl route is on CP. CP's
transcontinental line from Montreal-Ottawa-Sudbury no longer exists.
(Rigaud to Ottawa is Trans Canada Trail now).  But CP still has its
Smoth Falls to Montreal line. (and at the DOrion commuter train station
(CP tracks) there are "do not dig" signs from Allstream.

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