Temp at Level 3 data centers

Chris Adams cma at cmadams.net
Fri Oct 13 17:51:50 CST 2017

Once upon a time, bzs at theworld.com <bzs at theworld.com> said:
> Also, the IBM 3090 at least, was cooled via helium-filled pipes kind
> of like today's liquid cooled systems. It was full of plumbing. If you
> opened it up some chips were right on copper junction boxes (maybe
> they were just sensors but it looked cool.)

Cray supercomputers had Freon lines through them for cooling, up until
the last generation of the "old school" supercomputer.  That was not
sufficient to keep it cool, so they sealed the chassis (which was huge)
and pumped it full of 4 tons of Fluorinert.
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