Calgary <-> Toronto 100% Canadian Fibre Resiliency on failover

Jean-Francois Mezei jfmezei_nanog at
Wed Oct 11 20:10:08 CST 2017


a web site showing list of registered cellular towers in Canada:

In areas where the 17 or 11 stray from railroad, you could cobine that
map with Street View to try to spot towers to see if they are on
microwave or not.

If I were to cycle the route again, I would be able to spot signs of
fibre along the road. (do not dig, or orange tags on telephone pole
lines where they exist).

There may be stretches where there is fibre along the 17 (between
Sudbury and White River, there are no through tracks, and a few towns,
so one assumes some fibre has been laid).

The folks at have laid FTTH in towns such as Chapleau, so they
would know what fibre trunks exist in the region.

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