Temp at Level 3 data centers

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Wed Oct 11 19:39:19 CST 2017


The issue has several components and is vendor agnostic.

Set Point: The systems are specifically set at a temperature
Capacity Ability: The systems can maintain a temperature
Customer Desire: What you expect from sales promises.
Sales Promise: What they might carefully avoid promising.

I suggest you review your SLA and discuss with legal asap. You could have a
document defining your question's answer already but it sits in a filing
cabinet file labeled business continuity.

If the set point is X then they likely would answer quickly that that is
the case.
If the capacity is lacking then they would likely redirect the issue.
If they don't care about the customer that alone should be an indicator
If a promise exists in the SLA then the ball is in your court

>From the emails I fear that we have confirmed that this is normal. So your
question "Is the temperature at Level 3 Data Centers normally in the 80-90F
range?" sounds like a Yes.

Regardless of the situation always ask for names, titles, and ask vendors
to repeat critical information like the status of cooling in a building
designed to deal with cooling. Keep the vendors that do it well.

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 7:31 AM, David Hubbard <
dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com> wrote:

> Curious if anyone on here colo’s equipment at a Level 3 facility and has
> found the temperature unacceptably warm?  I’m having that experience
> currently, where ambient temp is in the 80’s, but they tell me that’s
> perfectly fine because vented tiles have been placed in front of all
> equipment racks.  My equipment is alarming for high temps, so obviously not
> fine.  Trying to find my way up to whomever I can complain to that’s in a
> position to do something about it but it seems the support staff have been
> told to brush questions about temp off as much as possible.  Was wondering
> if this is a country-wide thing for them or unique to the data center I
> have equipment in.  I have equipment in several others from different
> companies and most are probably 15-20 degrees cooler.
> Thanks,
> David

- Andrew "lathama" Latham -

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