Hurricane Maria: Summary of communication status - and lack of

Sean Donelan sean at
Sat Oct 7 01:06:35 CST 2017

In addition to government and carriers working on the large-scale 
infrastructure to restore telecommunications in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin 
Islands and other Caribbean islands; I've found the following 
non-government organizations with people on the ground in the disaster 
areas working on communications needed emergency and relief efforts.

I've limited this list to those groups I've been able to confirm on the 
ground response, not just a press release; and to the best of my ability 
to verify are legitimate organizations.  If you know of other 
non-governmental organizations with on-the-ground teams restoring 
telecommunications in PR or USVI or other Caribbean islands, let me know.

American Red Cross: mobile satellite stations at red cross shelters

ARRL Puerto Rico: Multiple communication efforts in Puerto Rico and U.S. 
Virigin islands in cooperation with Red Cross and government 

Global DIRT: installing Vanu cellular terminals and GATR satellite dishes 
in the US Virgin Islands and Vieques, PR.

Information Technology Disaster Resource Center: installing voice and wifi 
networks in remote parts of puerto rico.

NetHope: providing connectivity services to the response community and 
affected communities in puerto rico

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