AS PATH limits

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Mon Oct 2 07:08:48 CST 2017

Den 2. okt. 2017 00.44 skrev "Randy Bush" <randy at>:

looks to me as if 262206 is trying a silly tactic to down-pref inbound
from cogent.  as cogent probably prefers customers to peers, it may not
be working as 262206 expected, so they keep pounding with the same
hammer hoping for a miracle.

cogent accepts it as they are being paid to do so; normal practice.

perhaps our ire should be directed at 262206, not cogent?  has anyone
tried to contact them?


It is amazing how well the DFZ works given half the participants (*) have
no clue how. If that is what they want, all they need is to split that /23
into two /24 and only announce that on their other transit.

(*) I should probably include myself in that half.



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