ISC DLV Registry now running a signed empty zone

Dan Mahoney (Gushi) danm at
Sun Oct 1 00:12:52 CST 2017


Just to let people know via this list:

As of DNS-OARC 27 (where the change was done live) ISC's DLV Registry has
now been replaced with a signed empty zone (SOA/NS/A/TXT/DNSKEY/RRSIG),
which will be auto-re-signed with the same keys for the forseeable future.

The IP address for the old DLV web-ui now redirects to ISC's main page,
but if anyone needs a copy of the last-known zone contents for historical
purposes, please reach out.

Thanks to the community for your support.

-Dan Mahoney
ISC Operations Group


Notes:  This was sent from my personal domain because that's what I keep 
subscribed to NANOG, but I'm speaking in this post as an ISC Employee.

I will be at NANOG San Jose, I have blue hair and am hard to 

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