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Thu Nov 30 19:47:45 UTC 2017

On 11/30/17 11:17, Ken Chase wrote:
> Back to this discussion! :) Arista as a viable full-table PE router. Was hoping
> for better experience reports since last mention.
> To make the Q bit more general, are there any PE routers yet that can handle 3-8
> full feeds and use an amp and 1U or so instead of 5 and 4U? Or we're ito whitebox/
> open routers still for that (bird/openbgp?) or microtiks?

Arista DCS-7280SRA-48C6 is a 1ru box. 

Has a nominally million route fib, Jericho+ 8GB of packet buffer.
control-plane is 8GB of ram andAMD GX-424CC SOC which is 4 core 2.4ghz.
We do direct fib injection with bird rather than the arista bgpd but the
control-plane is capable of managing quite a few bgp sessions.

the 1/2ru 7280CR2K-30 and 60 are 2m route fib boxes with still heftier
control planes but they're a different class of box being all 100G and
requiring multi-chip/internal fabrics.
> /kc
> On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 10:45:09AM -0800, Tyler Conrad said:
>   >For Enterprise/DC, it works great. For service provider, they're not 100%
>   >yet. The main issue is going to be around VRFs, as there's no interaction
>   >between them (at least in the code version I'm on, that may have changed
>   >recently or be changing soon). They'll work great as a P-Router, but if you
>   >need a PE with route leaking I'd look at another vendor.
>   >
>   >I use a couple pairs of 7280SRs as edge routers/border leaves. Multiple
>   >full table feeds without any issue.
>   >
>   >On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 10:36 AM, Romeo Czumbil <Romeo.Czumbil at
>   >> wrote:
>   >
>   >> So I've been using Arista as layer2 for quite some time, and I'm pretty
>   >> happy with them.
>   >> Kicking the idea around to turn on some Layer3 features but I've been
>   >> hearing some negative feedback.
>   >> The people that I did hear negative feedback don't use Arista themselves.
>   >> (they just heard....)
>   >>
>   >> So do we have any Arista L3 people out here that can share some negatives
>   >> or positives?
>   >>
>   >> Use case: Just some MPLS IPv4/IPv6 routing, l2vpn OSPF/BGP
>   >> Maybe 20k routes (no full internet routes)
>   >> 7050 Series
>   >> 7280 Series
>   >>
>   >> -Romeo
>   >>

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