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Thu Nov 30 19:38:48 UTC 2017

On 2017-11-30 19:36, Romeo Czumbil wrote:
> So I've been using Arista as layer2 for quite some time, and I'm pretty happy with them.
> Kicking the idea around to turn on some Layer3 features but I've been hearing some negative feedback.
> The people that I did hear negative feedback don't use Arista themselves. (they just heard....)
> So do we have any Arista L3 people out here that can share some negatives or positives?
> Use case: Just some MPLS IPv4/IPv6 routing, l2vpn OSPF/BGP
> Maybe 20k routes (no full internet routes)
> 7050 Series
> 7280 Series
> -Romeo

I have a whole bunch of 7280SR in production, acting as peering-aggregators to easy be able to scale out PNIs to the 
CDN/Clouds (where you sometimes needs to add 10G of capacity per PoP per month)

They work just fine. Simple PE-functions, a few hundred BGP-peers in each, full tables, as-path filtering (150k lines of 
config), route-maps and sub-route maps. It is certainly not as flexible and easy to work with as for example a 
MX-router. But on the other hand you get 1Tbit worth of ports for the same price as a 16x10G MX-card.

L3VPN, RSVP-TE which could be major things you need is coming to EOS "soon", february i think.

The boxes that is coming out here in Q1 (some even out) with Jericho+ and Jericho2 chipsets should be even better with 
even more tables that should suffice for quite some time, the 1mil limit on 7280SR can be borderline especially when you 
mix in L3VPN whenever thats coming.

Huawei (ce6870) and Cisco (ncs5500) is also selling the same boxes and rumours on the streets are that Juniper will also 
release a jericho-based PE-box.

Also Juniper has picked up alot of slack recently with the release of MX204, which seems for whats its worth be a really 
good contender in the "small but modern router" market which has been grossly overlooked by many vendors for quite some 

Not sure where cisco really is with the 9901, which atleast looked really good on the CLUS presentations.


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