Broadcast television in an IP world

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As much as that would make sense, there are minimum penetration
requirements in contracts, particularly for ESPN. It's going to take a lot
of pain on all sides to change those contracts going forward to make Sports
as an extra package entirely.

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> Right now only 25% of cable subscribers watch sports channels like ESPN.
> But 100% pay up to $20 a month for ESPN et al. in their monthly
> subscription fees. HBO and Showtime subscribers pay for those premium
> services. It is well past time for sports enthusiasts to pay for their very
> expensive content in a sports premium package.
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> This use to be the case.
> While it might lower OPX that surely won't result in lower retrans, will
> just be more profit for them.
> We're down as well on video subs, this is 99% due to rising prices.
> This is where it's heading for sure, in the end it will cost more as well
> since each will be charging more than the per sub rates we're getting
> charge. They'll have to in order to keep revenue the same.
> When ESPN offers an OTT product I have no doubt it will be near the $20
> per month, for 5 channels or so?
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