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> Howdy!
> Looking to replace some edge routers for my small ISP. With all the various SDN platforms available along with various choices of bare-metal hardware platforms, im thinking i may go this route instead of going with Cisco/Juniper/Etc.
> I only need a handful of 10G uplinks. The SuperMicro SSE-G3648B and the Penguin Arctica Network switches appear to fit my needs.
> I am eyeing Cumulus Linux to run on these, but that isn’t set in stone.
> They’ll likely be getting 2 full tables along with some peers.
afaik if these are consistent with other t2/tomahawk/helix switches
they're roughly 200K alpm routes installed or as few as 16K. if you
install selected routes and otherwise default  or this is a peering only
router, that can get you pretty far but it's not a full table by any means. (cumulous details
on route table size and alpm routes)
> Has anyone run SuperMicro or Penguin hardware with Cumulus in this type of scenario?  
> What were your experiences? How is BGP convergence time on x86 hardware these days?

control plane on the switches mentioned about is 2GB of ram and a dual
core atom, so it's fine more or less for a datacenter TOR. It's not
particularly powerful. I find out particular tooling doesn't run that
well in 4GB any more so your milage may vary.

the supermicro should bear a striking  resemblance to the dell 3048 that
was splayed open here

> Any insight would be appreciated.
> Thank You,
> Mike

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