Commodity routers/switches

mike.lyon at mike.lyon at
Sun Nov 19 01:55:49 UTC 2017


Looking to replace some edge routers for my small ISP. With all the various SDN platforms available along with various choices of bare-metal hardware platforms, im thinking i may go this route instead of going with Cisco/Juniper/Etc.

I only need a handful of 10G uplinks. The SuperMicro SSE-G3648B and the Penguin Arctica Network switches appear to fit my needs.

I am eyeing Cumulus Linux to run on these, but that isn’t set in stone.

They’ll likely be getting 2 full tables along with some peers.

Has anyone run SuperMicro or Penguin hardware with Cumulus in this type of scenario?  

What were your experiences? How is BGP convergence time on x86 hardware these days?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank You,

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