Broadcast television in an IP world

Jay Hennigan jay at
Sat Nov 18 04:01:15 UTC 2017

On 11/17/17 7:26 PM, Kevin Burke wrote:

> Multicast network look different from the Internet.  One would have to change.  On top of that any packet loss is a show stopper.  It has no facility for retransmission. 
For live streaming video, you mask the loss and keep on chugging just 
like you do with VoIP. The same thing happens with OTA with signal 
fading or a burst of RF noise or interference. The OTA broadcast 
transmitter doesn't retransmit when one or more receivers lose data.

If the endgame is to replace OTA live TV with a packet based solution, 
IMHO there's a place for multicast. It's basically the same model as 
OTA, one transmitter and many receivers.

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