Broadcast television in an IP world

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Have you seen what the OTA guys charge for retrans rights? They don't want to do this, I'd also bet their end game is to stop offering their feeds OTA in the end. Our retrans is going up 50% starting the 1st of the year which is just insane.

I can also state that one of them specifically mentions alternative ways to receive their signals which I can assure you isn't related to quality. We have fiber to 1 OTA broadcaster, but also have to pay to get there since we're not near their studio.

So while everyone is hell bent on blaming the cable companies for pricing, the only ones to blame are the programmers who continue to increase their rates. On top of that OTT is a pain requiring separate apps for every channel, awful buggy apps at that.

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Once ISPs became able to provide sufficient speeds to end users, video over the internet became a thing.

This week, the FCC approved the ATSC3 standard.

What if instead of moving to ATSC3, TV stations that broadcast OTA became OTT instead?  Could the Internet handle the load?

Since TV stations that are OTA are "local", wouldn't this create an instant CDN service for networks such as CBS/ABC/NBS/FOX/PBS since these networks have local presence and can feed ISPs locally?

And while a small ISP serving Plattsburg NY would have no problem peering with the WPTZ server in Plattsburg, would the big guys like Comcast/Verizon be amenable to peering with TV stations in small markets?

Some of them would also be selling transit to the TV station (for instance, to serve its Canadian audience, WPTZ would need transit to go outside of Comcast/Frontier and reach canadian IP networks).

But a local TV station whose footprint is served by the local ISPs may not need any transit.

The PAY TV servives, if HBO is any indication will also move OTT, but be served in the more traditional way, with a central feed of content going to a CDN which has presence that is local to large ISPs (or inside ISPs).

We the traditional BDU (canada) MVPD (USA) is abandonned by the public and TV stations , PAY TV services and SVOD services such as Netflix are all on the Internet, would this represent a huge change in load, or just incremental growth, especially if local TV stations are served locally?

Just curious to see if the current OTA and Cable distribution models will/could morph into IP based services, eliminating the "cable TV" service.

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