Broadcast television in an IP world

Wayne Bouchard web at
Fri Nov 17 21:25:51 UTC 2017

> > And while a small ISP serving Plattsburg NY would have no problem
> > peering with the WPTZ server in Plattsburg, would the big guys like
> > Comcast/Verizon be amenable to peering with TV stations in small markets?
> This is already the case in many markets. It may not be IP peering, but 
> there have been several recent instances where a broadcast TV 
> transmitter is off the air due to some kind of failure and their cable 
> feed keeps on chugging. Obviously there is some form of connection 
> between the TV station and the cable company that doesn't rely on OTA.

Hell, even STL links these days are often packet based. (It's often a
lot simpler and cheaper than trying to operate a microwave feed.) So
if you've already done the encoding, the OTA setup is simply one
branch among several possible paths.


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