Issues with 4-octet BGP AS and Akamai?

Aaron Gould aaron1 at
Tue Nov 14 20:06:06 UTC 2017

About who to speak with at Akamai... please forgive me if any of this
contact info is out-of-date, as I'm pulling from my notes from an old
network diagram...

Akamai Customer Care
- 877-425-2832

Akamai NOCC
- 877-625-2624 
- 877-6-akamai (same as above)
- 617-444-3007
- nocc-shift at
- (if you do anything that would your cluster, give them at least 3 hours
notice and give them IP of cluster
- hardware issues and 24x7 contact: nocc-tix at +1-877-6AKAMAI

Akamai Network Support
- traffic issues: netsupport-tix at +1-888-421-1003


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