media are reporting "major Internet outage"

Andree Toonk andree+nanog at
Tue Nov 7 18:01:55 UTC 2017

Yah as mentioned by others, lots of chatter on the outages list.

In short, starting at 17:47 utc level3 started leaking a whole bunch of
more specifics, mainly for various comcast ASns but also others like for
example AS10481 (Argentina)

Many of these more specific announcements for large network such as
comcast were picked up by other large network such at Tata, NTT, Liberty
Global (UPC) and as a result  caused a major traffic shift, resulting in
a choke point somewhere along the way.

One an example is the prefix which is normally not
visible, only as the larger block (AS7922).

Yesterday it was visible as originated via another
comcast AS (20214), with transit via level3.

Good replay and visual of the timeline here:


My secret spy satellite informs me that Miles Fidelman wrote On
2017-11-06, 6:45 PM:
> Folks,
> It seems like various media outlets are reporting a "major Internet
> outage" - some going so far as to call it an "attack."
> A few headlines that crossed Facebook today:
> "Major internet outage hits the U.S."  (Mashable via AOL News)
> "Widespread Comcast internet outage across U.S. includes Massachusetts
> customers"  (WHDH, Channel 7 News, Boston)
> A couple of more detailed sources reported that issues at L3 were
> effecting Comcast, specifically.
> Kind of interesting that there's been no mention here on nanog, nor have
> I personally noticed any issues (as a user or a hosting provider).
> Tempest in a teapot?
> Miles Fidelman

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