Calgary <-> Toronto 100% Canadian Fibre Resiliency on failover

Jacques Latour Jacques.Latour at
Wed Nov 1 07:16:29 UTC 2017

JF, c¹est bon ça!

This is good point JF, according to we
seem to have a single rail on top of Lac Superior. Other than that, it¹s
diverse. Is there diverse train routes and associated fibre routes? Which
provider follow CP and CN??


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>On 2017-10-11 11:40, Jacques Latour wrote:
>> Does anyone know if there's fibre resiliency between Calgary and
>>Toronto over the Great lakes, I thinking redundancy could be achieved by
>>using two paths one following the railroad and the other following the
>>Trans-Canadian highway.  Does anyone know if there is fibre following
>>the Trans-Canadian highway and who owns it?
>More than likely one around lake Superior on CP Rail tracks, and the
>other along the CN tracks further north.
>Zayo in Canada is formerly CNCP telecommunications, and they are likely
>first to have fibre along tracks.
>Since the Trans Canada highway in that part of Ontario is actually a 2
>lane rural road, I am not sure people would have laid fibre along it
>knowing the progressive work to widen it might require frequent
>relocation of the fibre.

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