RFC2544 Testing Equipment

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Wed May 31 10:36:48 UTC 2017

On 30 May 2017 at 16:22, Nick Olsen <nick at flhsi.com> wrote:
>  Greetings all,
>  Looking for a good test set. Primary use will be testing L2 circuits
> (It'll technically be VPLS, But the test set will just see L2). Being able
> to test routed L3 would also be useful. Most of the sets I've seen are two
> sided, A "reflector" at the remote side, And the test set in hand run by
> the technician.
>  Looking to test up to 1Gb/s at various packet sizes, Measure Packet loss,
> Jitter..etc. Primarily Copper, But if it had some form of optical port, I
> wouldn't complain. Outputting a report that we can provide to the customer
> would be useful, But isn't mandatory. Doesn't need anything fancy, Like
> MPLS awareness, VLAN ID's..etc.
>    Nick Olsen
>  Sr. Network Engineer
>  Florida High Speed Internet
>  (321) 205-1100 x106

If you are just testing the forwarding at layer 2 and have no budget
you can use free software and a laptop (for your copper requirement).
I've been writing this (https://github.com/jwbensley/Etherate) and we
use that as well as hardware testers.


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