RFC2544 Testing Equipment

Nick Olsen nick at flhsi.com
Tue May 30 15:22:46 UTC 2017

 Greetings all,
 Looking for a good test set. Primary use will be testing L2 circuits 
(It'll technically be VPLS, But the test set will just see L2). Being able 
to test routed L3 would also be useful. Most of the sets I've seen are two 
sided, A "reflector" at the remote side, And the test set in hand run by 
the technician.
 Looking to test up to 1Gb/s at various packet sizes, Measure Packet loss, 
Jitter..etc. Primarily Copper, But if it had some form of optical port, I 
wouldn't complain. Outputting a report that we can provide to the customer 
would be useful, But isn't mandatory. Doesn't need anything fancy, Like 
MPLS awareness, VLAN ID's..etc. 

   Nick Olsen
 Sr. Network Engineer
 Florida High Speed Internet
 (321) 205-1100 x106



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