Cisco NCS5501 as a P Router

John van Oppen john at
Thu May 25 04:06:18 UTC 2017

We were looking at them for the same role as well, P router makes a lot of sense in places where the network comes together (for us often ahead of CMTS boxes etc) but routing is still required due to many paths being available.    We are using juniper ACX5000s for this as well currently.  

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> We're at the growing point where we need a dedicated P router for a core device. We are taking a serious look at the NCS5501. Is there anyone else using a NCS5501 as P Router or just general feedback on the NCS5501 if you are using it?
> The big downside is it's only has a single processor

P would be the position I'd be most comfortable with NCS5501.
Particularly BGP free core and Internet-in-VRF. Single control-plane does not seem problematic, usually design should allow any single core node to be taken out of service without customer impact.

Please talk to your account team about roadmap, what features are coming in which release in next 3 years. And ask them what are their plans with this IP


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