NCS5508 for Agg/Core/Peering router

Hugo Slabbert hugo at
Wed May 17 14:14:11 UTC 2017

OVH has, apparently, swapped at least some of their ASR9Ks for NCS5508:

What exact roles they're serving, though, I don't know. 
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On May 16, 2017 3:06:11 PM PDT, Will Black <wblack at> wrote:
>Is anyone using the NCS5508 as the role of a backbone Core /
>Aggregation / Peering router?  I understand these are generally
>different network models but we would be interested in hearing whether
>anyone is using these routers for all three roles.  We flattened our
>network during our last refresh and are trying to do more with less
>(who isn’t these days?), so we’re trying to determine whether the
>NCS5508 would fit the bill that’s currently being served by our
>We would also be interested in hearing general observations and
>thoughts about the NCS5508 for any role.
>Will Black 

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