vFlow :: IPFIX, sFlow and Netflow collector

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> I've seen a lot of different approaches for people trying to build their
> own at that scale (taking off of a bus and storing for medium-long term
> analysis), so I'll share some data re: what I've seen (not specific to 

Nice analysis of the current state of the art.
> And then, the biggest flow store I know of (1 or 2 carriers may want to 
> but I haven't seen theirs) is at DISA for DoD - > a decade of un-sampled 
> coming from SiLK.  All stored in hourly un-indexed files, essentially 
> but CLI to access,

FlowViewer provides a web GUI for invoking SiLK analysis tools. Provides 
textual and graphical analysis with the ability to track filtered subsets 
over time. Screenshots, etc.:



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