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Tue May 16 18:01:20 UTC 2017

YOU WENT THERE (ignores enough to run for president)

On May 15, 2017 1:48:51 AM PDT, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
>> Or BSD, or anything but Windows.  Anyone running Microsoft products
>> is quite clearly an unprofessional, unethical moron and fully
>> all the pain they get -- including being sued into oblivion by their
>> customers and clients for their obvious incompetence and negligence.
>aside from being grossly rude, hyperbolic, and uninteligent, this rant
>ignores reality enough to make you a viable presidential candidate.
>80% of desk/laptops run windows.  get over it.  windows is embedded in
>many systems which will be hard to update in an hour or 100 hours.  and
>rude ranting is not doing one micron to help deal with it.
>embedded systems are very hard to update, think special drivers, kinky
>mods, ...  aside from the long softdev time, how much time do you think
>QA will take for moving a piece of medical equipment from xp to win10,
>let alone bsd?  and the state of the bsd update process is not
>to describe in polite company.
>we have a vulnerable chain from weak software (which is improving, and
>msoft has been in the lead there for a decade), to nsa/cia not
>disclosing, to people choosing or having to run old versions (of
>whatever (and linux/bsd are not immune) for financial or technical
>reasons, to the conservative or lazy logistics of patching.  we can try
>to improve things at each link.  but this is gonna be slow.
>though this ransomware attack is not really that much larger than other
>attacks in the past (and the future is not cheering), at least it has
>reached the front pages and maybe people will patch more and vendors
>will issue more/better updates.  but, as @zeynep says, the lack of
>liability along the chain above allows bad practices to continue.
>in the meantime, backup, backup and take it offline so it does not get
>encrypted for you, patch, turn off unnecessary services/options, rinse
>repeat.  and try to promote prudent use among friends, family, and

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