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> Oh great a design review!
> Hello Valdis, I am Barry Shein. I've done decades of internals and
> kernel work.
> Ever use any Windows since about Vista? It throws up those warning
> pop-ups when you're about to do something it decides needs
> confirmation?
> That was almost certainly my invention.
> I described the idea on an anti-spam list and two Microsoft engineers
> contacted me to discuss whether this is feasible etc.
> Never got a thank you tho.
>  > 
>  > How do you throw a pop-up warning for that?  Pre-run it and see how many >
>  > might get executed? And how do you tell that the sequence ends up destroying
>  > the file rather than creating a new one?
> You count the number of destructive opens in the kernel and if it
> exceeds a threshold (for example) you stop it and pop up a warning.
> For example.
> As I said this is the sort of thing which is suitable for an end-user
> OS and no doubt annoying in a server OS.

*popcorn* ... What was the original thread about? Because
once upon a time as a proof of concept for "undetectable"
viruses on *nix, (was for a competition where I was not
allowed to be play post disclosure of PoC), anyway, I
created a really really bad mechanism to negatively
impact ALL BSDs, Solaris, Linux, it was *nix agnostic.

Bigger takeaway, malware/scumware/whateverware authors
target Windows because there are more users. For someone
dealing with security 24x7x365, I can state MS has come
a very long way from what they were, including dealing
with MSRC and other departments. Do you have any idea
how difficult it is to deal with certain *nix projects?
Freshmeat? Github, hobby...

Apples and oranges. And I CAN COUNT the number of
destructive opens read, and write on any nix system, so
perhaps we should kill this thread before it becomes:
my NetBSD toaster is better than your windows powered

J. Oquendo

"Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of
real peace" - Dalai Lama

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