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Mon May 15 19:45:26 UTC 2017

Since everyone else is bloviating I may as well also...

The underlying problem is that Microsoft tried to produce basically
one operating system for both servers and end-users and most anything
in between.

Putting some lipstick on them and names such as "server 2008" doesn't
negate that.

Ok so did everyone, sort of (does Apple even make servers? ok ok I
know the response, cylindrical things.)

But others, which means the un*x sphere, at least had the excuse that
they were practically unfunded with a few notable exceptions (but Sun
is gone no sense beating the dead.)

MS has about $100B cash on hand and has generally been a quite
profitable enterprise for longer than probably most people on this
list have been alive.

So for example why does a client OS produced with that much money
available even allow things like wholesale encryption of files without
at least popping up one of those warnings to confirm that you really
meant to run a program on $THRESHOLD files, opening them for update
etc, not just read? Even backup doesn't do that. I suppose update does
but that and similar could be handled specially.


Because it would be annoying to their server customers if they
interfered and it seems that's how decisions are made. Over and
over. And over.

What we really have is the end result of a company spending as little
as possible on their product and optimizing their bottom line because
no one has any power to make them produce anything better.

  One code base to rule them all, One code base to sell them, One code
  base to bring them all, And in their darkness bind them.

That's what MS needs to be held accountable for, sucking literally
hundreds of billions from companies and consumers (that is, no lack of
money) and passing the pain of an inferior product to those consumers
much like the car industry did until Ralph Nader ("Unsafe At Any
Speed") and others began pointing this out in the 1960s and action was
taken and we got some omg seat belts and attention paid to how easily
a car of that era could roll over on a turn at 25mph, etc.

I think making feelgood comments like one has to be an idiot to run
Windows is a huge waste of time at this point. That horse is out of
the barn, has sailed, the barn door is still wide open, and it's
become too way late to fret over saving nine except forward.

        -Barry Shein

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