Please run windows update now

Rich Kulawiec rsk at
Mon May 15 10:37:26 UTC 2017

You make some excellent points: but I grow very, very tired of having
to spend my time and my energy -- note timestamp on my message -- dealing
with the fallout.  It should be painfully clear to everyone that there
is no such thing as a secure Windows system.  [1]  It should have been
painfully clear after Code Red, after the rise of bots, and after a
hundred other incidents before/since of varying severity and duration.
But apparently it's not and so despite the impact of this current one --
including large-scale disruption of healthcare in the UK -- this will keep
happening over and over again.  And even those of us who have the good
judgment to never use Microsoft products have to pay the price for
the poor decision-making of others.  Again.  And again.

It's getting old.  Just like all the other things that people do (many
of which have been discussed here at great length) that cause problems
for others who are making an earnest attempt to do things right.
How bad do things have to get before the people who are stubbornly
clinging to this finally let go?   Does someone have to die?  Because --
again, see healthcare provider impact in the UK -- we're not that
far from it.


[1] There may be no such thing as a secure system, period.  But it
would be better to deploy things that may have a fighting chance
instead of things that have long since proven to have none at all.

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