Clueful contact at Microsoft needed

William Astle lost at
Mon May 8 17:59:49 UTC 2017

Apologies if this is off topic for NANOG. I need to contact someone at 
Microsoft who can correct problems with Microsoft accounts.

I've been trying unsuccessfully to disavow a Microsoft account for some 
time. Note this an account someone has managed to associate with one of 
my email addresses. The Microsoft account does not belong to me.

I've been unable to contact the account holder. I've been through their 
support site and system which has been singularly unhelpful (and also 
requires a Microsoft account just to contact anyone). It's clear the 
support people don't understand the problem. I mean, how does logging 
into the settings on my (non-microsoft) email account help solve a 
problem with the settings on a Microsoft account?

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