Need recommendation on an affordable internet edge router

Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Thu May 4 21:12:12 UTC 2017

The ZTE 9000-2E4 might be fit for your requirements and affordable.

Den 4. maj 2017 22.40 skrev "c b" <bz_siege_01 at>:

We have a number of internet edge routers across several data centers
approaching EOL/EOS, and are budgeting for replacements. Like most
enterprises, we have been Cisco-centric in our routing/switching platforms.
The ASR1Ks are too small for our needs and the ASR9Ks are prohibitively
expensive and probably overkill. That being said, our IT staff is willing
to look at other vendors if they are the right fit.


  *   Can handle full internet tables, both v4 and v6 with room for
reasonable growth over the next 5 years.
  *   VRF capability.
  *   About 12-ish 10Gb ports and 10-ish 1Gb ports (24-ish total if they
are 1Gb/10Gb select-rate ports.)
  *   Full-Feature BGP (address-families, communities, peer-groups, etc...)
  *   Used by carriers or large enterprises in a production role for at
least a year (and not causing ulcers)
  *   Affordable. I know that's subjective, but we need a solution that is
as close as possible to commodity-pricing if this modernization effort
balloons to include all of our data centers.

We are open to named vendors and even so-called brite-box solutions. A
little nervous about fringe solutions like pure whitebox with Quagga, but
if the savings are there and people can vouch for it, we will consider it.

In other words, if you've used it and stand by it, we value that input and
will put it on the initial list. Also, if you chose solution-X after
comparing it to solution-Y it would be very helpful to detail what you
tested and why you chose.

Thanks in advance.

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