association between ASN and company name in ARIN region

Martin T m4rtntns at
Thu Mar 30 15:50:34 UTC 2017


how to associate AS number with company name in ARIN region? For
example in a small European country, where I leave, it can be done
roughly like that:

1) ISP named "XYZ" and IP transit customer named "KLM Inc." sign an IP
transit contract
2) IP transit customer "KLM Inc." tells to ISP that their AS number is 123
3) ISP engineers, who configure the service, check the "org" attribute
value from AS123 "aut-num" object from RIPE database. This is a RIPE
NCC managed value. For example it is ORG-KLM-RIPE.
4) then they check "org-name" attribute value for ORG-KLM-RIPE
organisation object. Again, this is RIPE NCC managed value. "org-name"
value(organization name) is exactly the same as in company
registration papers.
5) now they can search for this organization name from country centre
of registers and information systems database which contains
registration papers for all the companies in this country and contact
with this company if anything looks suspicious

This is obviously simply an example to show that it is possible to
trace from AS number back to company registration papers and thus to
even people behind the company(listed in company registration papers).

Is it possible to make a similar connection between AS number and
company name in ARIN region? In other words, how do you find out that
company is eligible to use AS number?


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