EFF Call for sign-ons: ISPs, networking companies and engineers opposed to FCC privacy repeal

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Wed Mar 29 13:05:15 UTC 2017

On Mar 29, 2017, at 6:48 AM, Mike Hammett <nanog at ics-il.net> wrote:
> ISPs lying? Sounds like something for the courts, not capitol hill. 

You can’t sue someone because they do something you do not like. Well, you can, but you won’t win.

I guess you could ask for the providers to put it in their terms of service so you have something actionable to sue on. Now see my previous post. I tell my provider “put in a clause that says you won’t sell my data”. They reply “no”. And I do … what exactly?

. . . . . . . . .

Not sure we will get closure here. Some people think ISPs should be allowed to see data. Others do not. I am in the latter camp. The law is on the desk of POTUS which will do exactly what I do not want. My guess is he will sign it. 

Posting to NANOG will not change that. Shall we agree to disagree and move on?


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